Spicejet Liquor Policy

Spicejet allows carriage of liquor in its flights. In order to prevent the unruly behaviour of the passengers in cabin, it does not allow carriage of liquor in the cabin. Therefore, the bottles have to be checked-in. However, if liquor has been bought from duty-free shop at the airport on an international flight, it will be allowed in cabin provided the passenger shows the bill of the same.

How to carry?

While checking in, it shall be kept in mind that the bottles are in retail packaging and are not likely to open. Further, it is good that these are declared at the time of checking in.

Volume of liquor

The quantity of liquor allowed is 5 litres per passenger as a part of check-in baggage allowance.

The percentage of alcohol in it shall be between 24-70%.

Carriage to Dry States

Spicejet prohibits carriage of liquor on its flights to states of Bihar and Gujarat as both of these have prohibition law in force. While other states also have prohibition on liquor, carriage is allowed in those states.

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