SpiceJet Tickets

Booking Platforms
Spicejet tickets can be booked online, through its contact centres and using its tele-calling facility. Online booking of Spicjet tickets can be done through its website or mobile applications. Travelers can either log on to www.spicejet.com, or using applications on Google Play Store and App Store. Passengers can also use its 36 airport offices within India and 7 offices outside India for booking the tickets or for other general queries. Tickets can also be booked by calling Spicejet Customer Service which operates round the clock.

Spicejet is a ticketless airline. It is the booking done and store in the airline database which is considered as a primary document of carriage, not the travel itinerary. In case of cancellation of non-refundable tickets only those sums are refunded which pertain to government taxes.

Ticket Cancellation Fee: W.e.f. 1 Feb 2016, any change or cancellation of booking would entail a fee of Rs 1899 per passenger per sector per change.

Convenience fee charges per person per segment: Rs 150 for credit and debit cards, Rs 100 for internet banking, Rs 200 for ticket booking at airport and Rs 100 for ticketing through Reservations.

Compensation for Flight Cancellation, in case airline has not been able to inform passenger 3 hours in advance of travel time regarding it and when passengers have provided correct contact details (phone no). Compensation amounts are:
a. Rs 2000 or ticket value, whichever is less- for flights having block time of upto 1 hour
b. Rs 3000, or ticket value, whichever is less- for flights having block time of more than 1 hr but up to 2 hours
c. Rs 4000 or ticket value, whichever is less- fr flights having block time of more than 2 hours.
This compensation will not be payable if passengers do not accept alternate travel arrangements including seat on other flights or when the cancellation of flight is the result of force de majeure. Also, tickets booked under student discount fares are not cancellable but these can be changed.

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