Spicejet Liquor Policy

Spicejet allows carriage of liquor in its flights. In order to prevent the unruly behaviour of the passengers in cabin, it does not allow carriage of liquor in the cabin. Therefore, the bottles have to be checked-in. However, if liquor has been bought from duty-free shop at the airport on an international flight, it will be allowed in cabin provided the passenger shows the bill of the same.

How to carry?

While checking in, it shall be kept in mind that the bottles are in retail packaging and are not likely to open. Further, it is good that these are declared at the time of checking in.

Volume of liquor

The quantity of liquor allowed is 5 litres per passenger as a part of check-in baggage allowance.

The percentage of alcohol in it shall be between 24-70%.

Carriage to Dry States

Spicejet prohibits carriage of liquor on its flights to states of Bihar and Gujarat as both of these have prohibition law in force. While other states also have prohibition on liquor, carriage is allowed in those states.

Spicejet Concessions for Indian Armed Forces

Like most of the airlines around the world, Spicejet also provides special privileges to its passengers belonging to the country’s armed forces. Some of the special benefits which Spicejet bestows on our armed forces are covered here.

  • Maximum discount of 50% on base fare can be availed.
  • This is not to be clubbed with any other promotion.
  • If passenger wants to avail other offers, the 50% discount can be reduced to such an extent as to retain maximum discount at 50%.
  • Offer is valid both for serving and retired defence and paramilitary personnel. Jammu and Kashmir police personnel are also allowed to avail of this offer.

Passenger needs to carry their Military Identification Cards for verification purposes. This is to be shown at the airport entry and at the time of check-in.

Spicejet reserves only limited number of seats for travel of military personnel and these are offered on first-come-first-serve basis. So, if you are not able to find any seat while booking as a military personnel, then it could be that the inventory has been exhausted. Therefore, you shall try booking the ticket for another flight or opt for the normal fares.

Free carriage of armed weapon and ammunition

Spicejet normally charges carriage of arms and ammunition in check-in baggage. It charges Rs 5000 for one fire-arm and not more than 50 live cartridges. However, for armed forces personnel, it allows carriage of arms and ammunition free of charge if they are moving under official orders from their concerned department on duty and the carriage of arm and ammunition has been authorised for travel.

Valid ID Proof For Infants and Married Women on Spicejet

Spicejet requires passengers to carry original identification proofs. These are quite easy to get for adults since one or the other among these is usually had by the adults. However, there could be situations when these IDs are not present with the passenger. So, what to do in these situations?

Two of these most common situations are when there is a need for infant or just married women to fly (when the maiden name is different from after-marriage name).

Infant Valid IDs

Spicejet generally asks for birth certificate as a valid ID proof of an infant (a child of less than 2 years of age).

However, many people do not register the birth of their child immediately after the birth and, therefore, if they have to fly with the newborn baby, the birth certificate is not issued. In that scenario, the airline does require some sort of documentary proof to establish the parentage and age of the child.

In that respect, it may seek the medical records of the mother, especially the discharge summary. Else, it might even seek vaccination record of the child which can establish the age of the child. If the child was born in the hospital, it might also be satisfied with the Hospital ID of the child.This ID is issued by the hospital and forms the basis of getting the birth certificate.

There could be another possibility with the birth certificate. If it is present, there could be a situation that it does not bear the name of the child since sometimes the parents have not thought of the name of the child before getting the child birth certification. In this case, the name of the child is hand-written on the birth certificate afterwards. However, you must enquire the airline about whether hand written name of the child would be good enough or not.

Just-Married Women ID Proof

Another common situation wherein the valid ID proof for flying on Spicejet or any other airline can create hassle is when the woman gets married with a change in her name and the tickets for flights are done in the new name for which there is no proof.

Ideally, if there is a plan to fly anywhere for married couple, the marriage certificate bearing the new name of the woman must be had from the Registrar of Marriages and any flight plans shall be done only after being sure that this can be had before the flight.

Alternatively, the name for ticket booking shall be kept the maiden one for which the valid ID proof exists.

However, if that is not done, then it is discretionary on the part of airline whether to accept ancillary documents such as marriage cards along with maiden name proofs for establishing the identity or not.


What is the Student Discount Offer on Spicejet?

Spicejet offers special benefits to students of a recognized University. Following are the major points:

  • Student has to be from a Recognized University
  • Valid for travel period till 28th February, 2019
  • 6% discount on base fare is given for students
  • This offer is not to be clubbed with any other discount
  • Applicable only on domestic network
  • Additional baggage allowance of 10 kg is provided
  • Applicable for students of age 12 years or above
  • Student needs to carry valid school or college ID. ID card must have a validity. This will be verified at the airport during check-in